Meet Rodriguez & Associates Attorney Jefferson Eberhardt

It was a chance meeting with Daniel Rodriguez while borrowing a book from a friend and peer, that catalyzed Jefferson Eberhardt’s path toward Rodriguez & Associates. Speaking with Daniel in those first casual moments in the office taught him a great deal about the culture and merit of the firm and the pride Daniel’s team takes in their work.

“I immediately recognized that the level of dedication the team pours into each case cannot be matched. Everyone is extremely committed. The firm is comprised of a driven group of individuals who make sacrifices and who constantly seek cutting-edge approaches to jury trials. Rodriguez & Associates is the top. It is rare to have a chance to learn from the master, so I seized the opportunity to work for Daniel Rodriguez.”

Jefferson joined the Rodriguez & Associates team in 2022 eager to develop his skills as a trial attorney as part of one of the top firms in personal injury law. He brings to the firm strong written and oral advocacy skills, discipline, and a background in psychology that allows him a unique perspective into the cases he is involved with and empathetic connections with clients.

Although law was not his initial career choice, if you ask Jefferson’s parents, they would say he was born to be a lawyer. Even from a young age, he was determined to have his voice heard; constructing arguments and negotiating everything from allowance upgrades to shopping trips, complete with contracts and conditions.

Jefferson completed his undergraduate degree as a psychology major, only shifting his interest to law after taking a law course and being fully immersed in what the profession entailed. He entered the Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego as a Merit Scholarship Recipient and was admitted to the California State Bar in 2014, after graduating.

“I believe that my background in psychology can add tremendous benefit to my trial skills. It is certainly advantageous in demonstrating empathy for my clients and connecting with a jury.”

After passing the Bar, Jefferson began his law career with a firm working on a combination of employment law, business law, and personal injury cases. Through his experiences with a variety of practice areas, Jefferson learned that he was most drawn to cases involving personal injury due to the monumental impact they can have on families and individuals, and found meaning in fighting for the rights of those suffering tragic wrongs.

“I am constantly inspired by our clients. Hearing their stories and getting to know them personally motivates me to pursue justice on their behalf and help bring them peace.”

Dedicated not only to his profession but also to his personal health, fitness and nutrition are an important part of Jefferson’s busy lifestyle. He uses fitness to balance the stress of the strenuous and time-consuming work expected of attorneys. His personal health has become such an ingrained part of his lifestyle that while attending a required 3-week trial lawyer course in Wyoming he had a set of dumbbells shipped to him.

Although not originally from Bakersfield, Jefferson shares the sense of community and pride that Rodriguez & Associates exemplifies in their work and relishes the opportunities to learn from some of the most experienced and practiced attorneys in the personal injury arena. He is committed to being the best version of himself professionally and personally to stand with our team in helping those who need help the most.

We are so grateful to have Jefferson at Rodriguez & Associates!