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Case Results

Rodriguez and Associates has more multi-million dollar verdicts than any other law firm in the Southern San Joaquin Valley. We also have the honor of obtaining the highest personal injury verdict in Kern County history. The bottom line is that we take more personal injury cases to trial than any other local law firm. What does this mean to you? That we get the highest amounts for our clients because insurance companies both fear and respect our ability to get the job done. Here are some of our results listed below:



Automobile v. Tractor




Teacher Sexually Assaults Second Grade Student





Downed Power Line Electrocutes Man


Oilfield heavy equipment operator crashes into car causing serious injury


Drunk Dairy Driver Blows Stop Sign and Leaves Girl Brain Damaged


School District Employee Runs Over Student


Drunk Big Rig Driver Kills Young Girl


Farm Equipment Accident Results in 2nd Highest Wrongful Death Verdict in Kern County History


"Cool Dad" Buys Alcohol for 17-Year-Old Daughter Who Later Causes Crash


Teacher Killed by School Bus


Dangerous Road Condition Results in Death of Man on Thanksgiving Day


Doctor Delayed Delivery of Baby Causing Brain Injury


Kern County Jailers Beat Man to Death


Defective Child Car Seat Leaves Four-Year-Old Girl Semi-Paralyzed


High Speed Police Pursuit Ends in Paralyzed Two-Year-Old


Motorcycle v. Big Rig Truck Crash


LAPD Shooting Trial Verdict


Head-on Collision Caused by Drug-Impaired Driver

$4, 500,000

Defective Oil Field Derrick


Big Rig Blocks Road Causing Crash


Faulty Brake Repair by Dealership


Caretaker Carelessly Feeds Special Needs Child Resulting in Choking


Big Rig Pulls out in Front of Car in Fog


Forklift Accident


Oilfield Crane Drops Pipe on Worker


Big Rig Crash in Fog


Exploding Pool Filter Kills Grandfather


Big Rig Driver Kills 57 Year Old Mother


Bicyclist Hit by Drug-Impaired Driver


Ski Resort Failed to Block off Dangerous Jump


MTA Bus Slams Into Bicyclist


Kern County Jailers Beat Mentally Ill Man


Exploding Fuel Gas Tank


Nursing Home Attendant Rapes 93-Year-Old Patient


Nightclub Bouncer Assaults Man


Oil Refinery Accident


SUV Rear-Ends Farm Tractor


High School Football Player Injured in Game


Policeman Runs Red Light Hitting Motorcyclist


Big Rig Backs Up Pinning Worker


Botched Shoulder Surgery


Oilfield Driver Doses Off Causing Crash


Big Rig Sideswipes Passing Car


One of the first Wrongful Death Verdicts in Kern County History Over a Million Dollars


Big Rig Driver Doses Off and Rear-Ends Parked Car


Exploding Truck Fuel Tank


Big Rig Backs Up and Runs Over Worker


Motorcycle v. Motorcycle Crash


High School Shooting Victim