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Mr. Daniel Rodriguez is an impressive person and attorney. It is apparent that he listens carefully.

Mr. Daniel Rodriguez is an impressive person and attorney. It is apparent that he listens carefully, understands people and if he wanted to, he could do most cases with his eyes closed. But he keeps his eyes and ears open for his clients and is the best lawyer a client could hope to retain. I wholeheartedly endorse this attorney!

Lester M. Paredes III
- Attorney

I highly recommend Daniel Rodriguez and Associates for all serious personal injury matters.

He is one of the most well respected and hard working lawyers I have the privilege to work with. He is the consummate businessman and lawyer combined. I have referred him numerous clients over the years, and each one of them, including my own father, have had fantastic outcomes. Whether you have a multi-million dollar injury, or an unfortunate car accident, Daniel is the guy you call. Daniel never stops at striving to be better. He has learned from the very best trial lawyers in the world, and then, he takes it to a whole new level. When it comes to PI work, there are a lot of attorneys available that just want to get to a cheap settlement without getting their hands dirty. Rodriguez & Associates always pushes the limit, and the insurance companies and defense attorneys all across the state are terrified of him; and that’s for good reasons–he wins more multi-multi million dollar verdicts than anyone else in Kern County, and it not even close. But perhaps what I admire most about Mr. Rodriguez and his team, is they still have that small time charm about themselves. He treats every client and each case with the utmost respect and genuine concern. I have seen first hand that no client is too small, and no verdict too big. We are all very fortunate to have Mr. Rodriguez in our community fighting for fairness one client at a time.

Mark Raimondo
- Attorney/Client

From day one, Mr. Rodriguez and his staff handled my case in the most professional manner.

If I can describe this law firm in two words I would say “professional” and “personal”. From day one Mr. Rodriguez and his staff handled my case in the most professional manner and got to know me, the client, on a personal level. What attorney does that? Most times your case is just one of many cases to be tried and you hope for the best but not only did Rodriguez & Associates go above and beyond for me, even 13 years later since my accident, they still remain in touch to see how I am doing! Need I say more? These are my own words – not scripted or asked to give a comment – to let everyone know that I highly recommend this law firm to anyone in need of an attorney willing to go the distance. Thank you for allowing me to share.

fasika pearl
- former client

Always courteous and friendly. Wouldn’t look for any other attorney.

Love the staff. Always courteous and friendly. In my time of trouble Daniel, Joel, and Martha are always quick with my needs. Wouldnt look for any other attorney if ever needed. Thank you so much.

Brandon Joyner
- former client

Daniel and his staff leave no stone unturned in representing their clients.

The premier law firm in the San Joaquin Valley. Daniel and his staff leave no stone unturned in representing their clients. In the 35 years I have known him, Daniel has always had one goal in mind – to get the best results for his clients.

- Attorney/Peer

I feel that I finally found the right lawyer!

I’ve heard a lot of good things about this place and I’m confident that I will receive the help I deserve from what I been through…every since that day I been looking for a lawyer to help me and every single one of them turned me down but I feel that I finally found the right lawyer… THANKS Rodriguez and associates!

Quadirah Climmons
- Referred Client

Trusting a Warrior for Justice!

Absolutely. No ifs or buts. Daniel Rodriguez is a gentleman; fights hard, unrelenting for his clients. He does not take a “No” for an answer from the Defense or the Insurance Companies.

He keeps the client in the information decision making process.

Try him, he is the best. Period.

Brain Injury Client

They really do care!

Daniels and his associates really do care about you and your family!

Armando Ruiz
- Former Client

Fabulous Trial Attorney!

Daniel Rodriguez is the best trial attorney I have ever seen.

Julie P.
- Attorney/Peer

Better than good. OK MAYBE THE BEST…

“Lookin’ for an attorney now and saw this site. . . . What Daniel did for my family ? WELL. “HE’s the man”. I love you man ! ! ! ! ! ! . . . Dude is GOOD ! Better than good. OK MAYBE THE BEST….. “

Wrongful Death Client

Professional and caring.

The entire team at Rodriguez & Associates was very professional and at the same time, caring. My family suffered a tremendous loss and suffered physically from our collision with a drunk driver. There were so many aspects and details from this situation, I’m amazed that they were able to coordinate it all, help us get the care we needed and prepare us for trials and hearings that we had to endure. Thank you Daniel, Joel, Patrick, Martha and all the rest of the folks at Rodriguez & Associates!

Michael Benge, Former Client