Danay Gonzalez Answers What NOT to Do If You Are a Party In a Lawsuit

Danay Gonzalez Answers What NOT to Do If You Are a Party In a Lawsuit

Danay Gonzales, partner at Rodriguez & Associates, answers commonly asked questions about what NOT to do if you are a party in a lawsuit in her educational TikTok video:

Do NOT post about the lawsuit on social media- it will be used against you.

It’s important to be on your best behavior if you are involved in a lawsuit. Social media has become a widely used tool to help vindicate those at fault during a lawsuit because of a slight slip-up.

Posting about daily activities that make you “look” uninjured could hurt your case. It’s highly advised to stay off social media to better your chance at a successful lawsuit.

Do NOT forget to follow up with your doctors about your injuries.

It’s important to receive doctor’s notes/visits that report your injuries. Having medical records of your injuries during a lawsuit is important, and will be used to prove to a judge/jury that you were indeed injured. 

Do NOT take the first settlement offer- you’ll be lowballed.

Parties will offer you a lowball settlement offer during your first run; don’t take it. Chances are, opposite parties will come up with a higher settlement offer if they know you’re not willing to settle with a low offer. 

Do NOT lie to your lawyers- the truth always comes out.

Client confidentiality is very important to Rodriguez & Associates. Regardless of the case, always be honest with your lawyer so they can help you to their best extent. 

Danay Gonzalez is passionate about fighting for justice and is here to help with her informative videos. Remember to take your attorney’s advice, as they have your best interests at heart. 


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