Who Pays Medical Bills After a Car Accident in California?

When a car accident occurs, the consequences can be devastating. The physical toll of an accident often leads to significant medical expenses, leaving victims wondering how they will manage financially. If you suffer serious injuries in a car accident, there are numerous pathways available that can help pay for your medical bills. Contact the Bakersfield car accident attorneys at Rodriguez & Associates today.

Your Medical Insurance Pays for Your Initial Bills

In California, residents are mandated to possess medical insurance. If covered through your job, a private provider, or a government program, your health insurance will typically address your immediate medical costs as per your policy’s terms.

Remember, many policies involve deductibles, which are upfront costs that you must pay before your insurance will provide coverage. Coinsurance, where you pay a portion of the medical expenses, is also prevalent. While you might recoup the entire medical cost from the responsible party later, in the interim, you’re on the hook for deductibles and copays.

Medical Liens or Medical Payments Coverage May Also Help

If you do not have health insurance or have gaps in your coverage, medical payments coverage (Med Pay) may help. An optional addition to your car insurance, Med Pay provides compensation for necessary medical expenses for you, your car’s passengers, and family members involved in road collisions.

Another option is medical liens, which are arrangements made between you and your healthcare provider. If you’re unable to pay your medical bills immediately due to lack of insurance or insufficient funds, certain healthcare providers may agree to treat you now and defer payment until you receive a settlement.

You Can File a Claim for Compensation Against the At-Fault Driver

California operates on a fault-based system, which means that drivers whose actions cause a collision are financially responsible for any damages suffered by the victims. If someone else caused your collision, you have the right to pursue a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance policy or a lawsuit against him or her in civil court. Rodriguez & Associates’ car accident lawyers in Bakersfield can help you with this claim.

Through a successful claim, you can secure compensation for losses such as lost wages, pain and suffering, and the entirety of your necessary medical expenses. Your settlement could help pay for surgeries, hospitalizations, prescription medications, assistive devices, therapies, and many more costs.

Your Insurance May Request Reimbursement After Your Settlement

If you do use your health insurance to pay for your medical expenses, it is important to know about California’s subrogation laws. After your settlement is issued, your health insurance provider has the right to seek reimbursement for any medical care that they paid on your behalf. You will need to provide a portion of your award to address these costs.

In these situations, it is important to accurately calculate your medical expenses so that you can advocate for an adequate settlement. An inadequate award could lead to financial hardship in the future. A Bakersfield personal injury attorney can assist during this process, enlisting the help of medical experts and life care planners to accurately calculate your potential award.

Speak to a California Car Accident Attorney Today

Navigating a car accident claim can be daunting, especially when serious injuries are involved. In these cases, you need an attorney who can advocate for your rights and guide you through the claims process. Schedule a free consultation with a California car accident today to discuss your case and identify your optimal path to full financial recovery.