What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident

Property owners have a duty of care to ensure that their property is safe for those who use the premises. Falling on someone’s property does not make the owner automatically responsible for your injury. It must be shown that the property was unsafe, and the conditions of the property caused your fall. The steps you take after your accident can help establish the facts of the case and make the difference in getting the compensation you are entitled to receive so speak with a seasoned Bakersfield premises liability attorney as soon as possible following your accident.

Immediately After Your Fall

Let the business  know about your accident and call for medical assistance. Even if you do not believe you are injured at the time, bruising, swelling and sprains can take time to become apparent. Internal injuries can go unnoticed by laymen that are spotted by trained medical personnel. In the shock after a fall, you may not notice an injury, but it is important to be careful what you say. Merely inform the appropriate personnel that you have fallen and need medical assistance, without volunteering information beyond what is strictly required.

Photographs Help Document the Cause of the Fall

While waiting for medical staff to arrive, it is helpful to document as much about the accident scene as possible in photographs. If you are not able to take photos, you can ask a friend with you to take the photos, or even ask bystanders to take photographs using your phone. It is important to have pictures of the area that caused the fall, paying special attention to any damage or other conditions that contributed to the accident. It is also good to have pictures of you, particularly showing any obvious injuries, the clothing you were wearing, and the shoes you had on at the time.

Identify Witnesses

If there were witnesses to your accident, ask them for their contact information while you wait for medical help to arrive. Having eyewitness testimony is very helpful for establishing the facts of the case. If you have any friends with you who can assist in getting their information, even better.

Take Notes Soon After the Accident

As soon as possible after the incident, write down some notes about your accident while the events are still fresh in your memory. This will not only lend credibility to your statement but establish the basis for your case when you first contact your attorney. Be as precise as you can about the details. Note the time and date of the accident, the exact location, what happened to cause your fall, and the injuries you suffered as a result.

Contact an Attorney

Insurance companies fight slip and fall accident claims vigorously due to the potential for large claims resulting from fall accidents and the perception that many people pursue fall claims fraudulently. If you have been injured due to dangerous conditions that were not addressed by a property owner in California, you are entitled to compensation. Having a Bakersfield injury lawyer on your side will help you collect the evidence to support your claim and can ensure that your rights are upheld.