What is the Role of a Trial Lawyer in Personal Injury Law?

What is the Role of a Trial Lawyer in Personal Injury Law?

Have you ever wondered about the role of a trial lawyer? Bakersfield, California personal injury trial lawyer and founder and president of Rodriguez & Associates Daniel Rodriguez explains that there are some statistics about trial lawyers that people may find surprising as it relates to personal injury law:

How Often Do Personal Injury Lawyers Go To Trial?

Contrary to popular belief, not all personal injury lawyers find themselves in the courtroom. According to Daniel Rodriguez, the reality is quite surprising – only about 2% of lawyers actually go to trial—the majority of cases involving personal injury, slip and falls, medical malpractice, etc., will be resolved before they need to go to trial. The exception is criminal defense lawyers, who generally go to trial more than other litigators.

Why Does This Matter To Personal Injury Victims?

If you or a loved one have a personal injury case, you need a lawyer who is there to put your needs first. It is of the utmost importance to select a lawyer who won’t be quick to settle or back down before reaching the trial stage, someone with a track record of delivering proven results. If you choose a lawyer who has never gone to trial, insurance companies are less likely to listen to their claims on your behalf. When you work with a personal injury lawyer who has gone to trial with a successful track record, the insurance companies will likely pay whatever the lawyer requests for the settlements.

Hiring Lawyers You Can Count On

At Rodriguez & Associates, we pride ourselves on being the advocates you can rely on, who won’t throw in the towel but will fight passionately for you in the courtroom. Our Bakersfield, CA, personal injury team has seen more multi-million dollar personal injury verdicts than any other law firm in the San Joaquin Valley. Regarding legal representation, choose a team that goes the distance and gets results – choose a Rodriguez & Associates lawyer.

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