Running Against Father Time

Last summer, our Founder and Managing Partner, Daniel Rodriguez had a life changing experience in the African Savanna.

Daniel has always been a fighter and a fierce competitor, both in the courtroom and in life; he has always been an excellent athlete, as well.

After being diagnosed with arthritis in his big toe, Daniel was faced with the loss of his life-long passion for running.  However, in his typical style, he looked at the odds and decided to fight back.

Instead of choosing to slow down or give up, he chose to run not one, not two, but seven marathons in the face of his diagnosis! His vision is to run a marathon on each continent, beginning with a uniquely difficult run in Africa.

Through mile-high drops and climbs, possible quick sand, and the Kings of the Jungle, Daniel pushed himself beyond the confines of Father Time.

With his loving wife, Connie Rodriguez, by his side, he overcame all odds to prove that he is, and always will be, a fighter.

The videos below document his triumph, and set the stage for his upcoming runs (starting with Patagonia this summer).

Keep an eye out for Running Against Father Time’s television debut, and enjoy the videos below in the meantime.