Phoebe Lucker Celebrates 10 Years with Rodriguez & Associates

phoebe lucker celebrates 10 years with rodriguez and associates

In an industry that has a reputation for placing victory over humanity, Phobe Lucker explains how Rodriguez & Associates places their clients’ needs first.

Phoebe has worked at our Bakersfield personal injury law firm for ten years – first as an assistant, then as a paralegal. She characterizes the firm as a family – supportive, kind, and close-knit. In her role, she assists with cases from beginning to end, getting to know the clients well and helping them through challenging situations.

A Bakersfield, California local, Phoebe came across Rodriguez & Associates during a job search after college. She was interested in pursuing a career in law and was intrigued by the prospect of working at a firm. Phoebe was hired in 2009 and worked as an office assistant under Martha Ruiz, the Office Manager, for a year before enrolling in law school. Not long after leaving Phoebe returned to the firm as a Paralegal.

For Phoebe, the most meaningful part of her role is building relationships with clients, and lending a hand or an ear when needed, duties that go beyond her job description. The trust that she develops with clients is a reflection of the firm and extends into the courtroom. She says,

“Clients come to us unsure of what to expect and I am able to help them through an unfamiliar process towards a solution.”

Her reward is knowing that she made a client feel comfortable and protected, an outcome, she says, makes the hard work worthwhile.

Phoebe attributes her success at the firm to her hard work and diligence. She has a get-it-done attitude, is organized, and will ask for help when needed. She finds the benefit in being a Bakersfield local when communicating with clients. It is an instant connection that allows the clients to feel represented and understood.

Rodriguez & Associates is so proud to have had Phoebe on our team!