My Car Accident Claim Was Denied by Insurance – Now What?

My Car Accident Claim Was Denied by Insurance – Now What

You’ve been in a car accident that was not your fault. You file a claim with the other party’s auto insurance company for car repairs, medical expenses, and other damages. To your surprise, the claim is denied! As car accident attorneys in Bakersfield, we hear about situations like this a lot.

Why would my car accident claim be denied?

Insurance companies may deny claims for a variety of reasons including believing their client was not at fault in the accident, or that you had a pre-existing medical condition that wasn’t caused by the accident itself, or even that the crash was avoidable. Fortunately, there are ways to fight the denial and get compensated for what you deserve.

Strengthen Your Car Accident Claim

Insurance companies have a legal obligation to act in good faith, meaning that they must honestly and carefully consider every person’s request for compensation. If your original claim was denied, you have a better chance of securing a settlement if you present them with strong evidence about what happened, including:

  • A detailed letter of the events and why you believe the other driver is at fault.
  • Photographs of vehicle damage (all cars involved), the scene of the accident, and your injuries.
  • Medical records and evaluations of any injuries linked to the crash.
  • Copies of the police report.
  • Any witness statements.

Contact an experienced car accident attorney.

It is no secret that dealing with insurance companies can be tricky and complex. Even if you submit all of the above, your claim may still be denied. If this is the case, or if dealing with an insurance company feels overwhelming to you, find a car accident attorney that has experience.

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