Meet Adriana Gomez-Bravo: Rodriguez & Associates’ Senior Paralegal

meet adriana gomez bravo rodriguez and associates senior paralegal

Few employees at Rodriguez & Associates can say they have been a part of the firm longer than Adriana Gomez-Bravo, who has supported Daniel Rodriguez and his team of personal injury attorneys for more than two decades.

Throughout her experience with the firm, Adriana has learned a tremendous amount about every aspect and phase of a case from client intake to litigation. She praises the client-centered practice Daniel has ingrained in the firm’s culture and the team’s drive to work collaboratively toward the common goal of helping those who are hurt and hurting.

“This career has helped me to expand all aspects of my life – both professionally and personally – through the development of my skills, abilities, and emotions. The potential for individual growth within the firm is always there. My input always matters. Daniel wants his employees to learn, feel encouraged, and be supported.”
– Adriana Gomez-Bravo, senior paralegal and case manager

Adriana made her way into Rodriguez & Associates’ compassionate culture and the world of personal injury law after hearing about a job opening while working in the claims office of a large insurance company. A single mom of three small children at the time, she jumped at the opportunity to serve as a bilingual receptionist at the Bakersfield firm. Daniel immediately recognized her passion and drive, hiring Adriana on the spot and taking it upon himself to train her in the firm’s specific way of handling personal injury law.

Now, as the firm’s senior paralegal and case manager – and a mom of four – Adriana credits much of her career and life skills to her learned experiences and resourcefulness. “Everything that I know and everything that I do has been learned on the job just by doing it and finding creative ways to get it done,” she says. “I used to read the incoming mail to learn terminology and application in both English and Spanish.”

According to Adriana, one of the most exceptional aspects of Rodriguez & Associates is their commitment to transparent communication and the ability to communicate effectively with all clients. The firm is located in an area heavily populated by Spanish speakers, and several of the firm’s attorneys, including Daniel, are local to the surrounding communities.

“The ability of our firm to communicate in multiple languages is so important. We want to be able to meet our clients where they are and eliminate as many barriers as possible while they seek legal help. I try to read my clients and speak to them in terms I know they will understand, helping them to leave empowered, informed, and fully understanding of their options and the process.”

When clients enter a personal injury firm they rarely expect to be greeted with sincere compassion and understanding. But the passion Adriana has for helping the firm’s clients is deeply rooted in her. As a mother, she is drawn toward cases involving children who have been wrongfully injured. She recalls her first case and the little girl she will never forget who was attacked by rottweilers and left with severe facial scarring and traumatic memories. Adriana is able to empathize with many clients having experienced her own devastating losses as well. At a young age, she lost her father in a catastrophic car accident. At the time, her immediate family had no other connections in the area and did not know about personal injury law nor that seeking justice was an option.

“A part of me has a passion for this work because I have the opportunity to share my understanding and compassion with someone who has lost a family member – I am able to relate to their situations. “

For Adriana, making those human connections and helping individuals and families heal is the cornerstone of her work. While she spends her time managing client files, conducting legal research, preparing documents, and assisting in trials, the core of her passion is bringing these functions together to lead to justice for the firm’s clients.

“The most rewarding part of this work for me is when the client walks away feeling validated, cared for, and satisfied with the attorney-client relationship. That’s when we know we have made a difference.”

Rodriguez & Associates is proud to have Adriana as a long-standing member and leader of our team. Thank you for your years of service to the firm!