How to Prevent an Oilfield Accident

how to prevent an oilfield accident

The oil and gas industry is one of the most dangerous work sectors. Accidents in this field can occur in a variety of ways and can potentially have a large impact on individuals, organizations, and ecosystems. In 2020 the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers reported 14 oilfield fatalities occurring in 12 separate accidents. Thousands of other injuries were reported ranging from slip-and-fall incidents to chemical exposures. Despite the inherent danger that comes with the line of work, there are several key factors that can help prevent oilfield accidents from occurring.


Having appropriate training procedures in place for all workers is key in ensuring a safe environment. Preparing individuals for their unique work conditions, the types of materials they encounter on a daily basis, and the level of caution to maintain around heavy machinery is greatly important. Without proper and reliable training unprepared workers are at a greater risk for a user-error accident. Even seasoned workers should receive regular job-specific training.

Properly Working Machinery

Maintaining machinery and equipment is essential to a safe working environment. Regular maintenance routines keep machines and equipment running smoothly and give operators the chance to observe issues or worn pieces that may lead to larger problems.

Safety Protocols

Workers should be upheld to strict safety standards that are in place to protect themselves and others around them. Organizations are required to provide all workers with appropriate safety gear and equipment including hard hats, gloves, steel-toed boots, safety glasses, and fire-resistant clothing. Enforcement of proper use of these tools will lower the risks associated with oilfield accidents.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides specific regulations and protocols for the oil and gas industry. Employers should supply workers with access to that information and readily communicate information, trends, or changes in protocols.

While the oil and gas industry comes with risks, it is always possible to minimize risk factors with caution and preparedness. Contact Rodriguez & Associates with any questions you may have regarding safety concerns or breaches in safety protocols within the oil and gas industry.

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Daniel Rodriguez himself worked in the oilfields for years as a roustabout and mechanic. With his first-hand knowledge of how difficult and dangerous the work can be, he and his firm are especially versed in the rights workers have in the oilfield industry when accidents and injuries do occur.

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