Heather Foster Reflects on her Experience with Rodriguez & Associates

heather foster reflects on her experience with rodriguez and associates

Accounting department representative, Heather Foster, shares how Rodriguez & Associates’s authentic and warm public image led her to an amazing career choice.

Heather never imagined herself working in the accounting department at a law firm but since starting with Rodriguez & Associates in 2019, she can’t imagine a more satisfying career. A Bakersfield local, Heather has always been familiar with the firm’s strong community presence on the radio and throughout the growing California city. When the firm’s accountant reached out to her with a position, she immediately connected the firm to its approachable reputation in the community.

A behind-the-scenes player at Rodriguez & Associate, Heather is responsible for the organization and maintenance of the firm’s finance records regarding all aspects of the firm from building management to client payouts including the systems of processing, recording, and payment. While she doesn’t have much face-to-face time with the firm’s clients her role is nevertheless indispensable. Her attention to detail and analytical skills help prepare the paperwork and documentation that is distributed to clients throughout the course of their case. Heather says, “I love finding solutions and finding the answers to problems. Makes me feel like I have an active role in helping the clients.”

Heather attributes Rodriguez & Associates’ success to their genuine compassion as a team, and their ability to collaborate diverse perspectives in order to successfully tackle any obstacle.

“The firm is very attentive, detailed, and cares greatly about each of its clients. Overall, it is a great team made up of individuals who can help work toward the ultimate goal of helping the client and getting the job done… It’s like a second family and I love the look I see on everyone’s face when we complete a successful case. That moment is an accomplishment.”

While transitioning to a law firm as a “numbers person” presented challenges at first, Heather finds the reward of working with such a tight-knit team. She sees the great potential of Rodriguez & Associates in the Bakersfield community and is excited to see how the firm continues to grow.

Rodriguez & Associates is lucky to have Heather on our team!