Former Mayor of Arvin Joins Rodriguez & Associates Legal Team

former mayor of arvin joins rodriguez associates legal team

Representation of underserved and suffering people and their families is a defining factor that led José Gurrola to become an attorney. He is proud to join the esteemed team of legal advocates and litigators at Rodriguez & Associates, a pillar of the community he strives to serve.

“Through this profession, I can give back to the community that raised me. My education and the many extracurriculars I participated in all helped guide me on my path to where I am today. Being able to help everyday local people through the skills I have gained and earned is priceless.”
José Gurrola, Associate, Rodriguez & Associates

José credits much of his intellectual and career interests to the educators who first inspired his passion for law and politics. He was introduced to the societal importance of the law through his participation in the award-winning “We The People” team at Arvin High School, a program that simulates congressional hearings to help students understand and apply civic values and practice democracy in a legal setting. It was through this program he developed orator skills and found a talent for public speaking.

In pursuit of serving the community following his higher education, José ran for and won the race for Council member in 2012 and then Mayor of Arvin in 2016. His unique experience as one of the youngest elected officials in California brought him a wealth of perspective, allowing him to identify how he could create the most change for his hometown and surrounding areas.

Amid navigating the Southern California political landscape, advocating for social justice, and working within communities to build up marginalized populations, José found the most purpose in helping others. This insight led him to pursue his J.D. and Masters in Legal Studies from Kern County College of Law.

“I always wanted to help fight for the underprivileged and those who have been wronged.”
-José Gurrola

José’s values drew him to the Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance, Inc.’s Sargent Shriver Housing Project where he worked as an attorney providing direct legal representation to low-income individuals and families facing eviction and victims of domestic violence seeking restraining orders. Advocating for his clients in front of a court while helping them create better life opportunities, José knew he found his calling in litigation.

“Professionally, I want to learn and grow as a litigator, and what better opportunity to grow than alongside the leading trial team in Bakersfield.”
-José Gurrola

Growing up in the community of Arvin, José was familiar with Daniel Rodriguez and his reputation for representing the people in need of the most support through the worst moments of their lives. What drew him to Rodriguez & Associates was the firm’s track record of success in litigation, trial, and appeals and their unwavering support and presence in the community.

“Many of our clients are from the Bakersfield area and are a part of underserved or minority populations. We aim to help the ‘little guy’ when forced to stand up to big insurance companies.”
-José Gurrola

As an elected official, José was able to implement his passion for supporting a community, helping the public, and fighting for justice. As an attorney alongside the Rodriguez & Associates team, José can continue to strive for a safe community and uphold justice to protect the rights of those who have been wrong.

We are proud to welcome José to the firm!