Daniel Rodriguez Teaches the Spence Method

Daniel Rodriguez Teaches the Spence Method

Daniel Rodriguez, founder and president of Rodriguez & Associates, facilitates a course for lawyers at the Thunderhead Ranch campus in Dubois, WY founded by renowned trial lawyer Gerry Spence.

Daniel’s 3-week annual course centers around the Spence Method, a unique approach to legal storytelling created by Gerry Spence that provides trial lawyers with insight into themselves, their clients, and cases.

As a member of the faculty at Thunderhead Ranch, Daniel has been trained in the Spence Method and brings decades of applied experience to the classroom. Through the Spence methodology, Daniel assists lawyers in connecting with the story of their case and learning the art of “showing themselves so that the jury will see them as an authentic, relatable, and trustworthy person.” A seasoned trial lawyer, Daniel teaches techniques to tell the story of the case throughout the opening statement, witness examinations, and closing argument.

An experienced, award-winning trial lawyer, Daniel Rodriguez is frequently asked to lecture and teach trial skills for organizations such as the Consumer Attorneys of California, American Association of Justice and numerous other bar associations. In addition, he is affiliated with several professional organizations, including the American Association for Justice, the Kern County Bar Association, and the Association of Plaintiff Interstate Trucking Lawyers of America.

If you are a trial lawyer and looking to take your skills to a higher level, sign up for the 3-week Spence Method course here.