Danay Gonzalez Uses Her Voice to Help Fight Cancer

Danay Gonzalez Uses-Her Voice to Help Fight Cancer

The Bakersfield Californian wrote an article about Danay Gonzalez, partner at Rodriguez & Associates, who will sing at the Media Music Jam on June 22nd, 2024. Steve Flores, a member of Thee Majestics and the article’s author, shared the compelling story behind her involvement in the event.

What started as an invitation to join a community fundraiser quickly became deeply personal for Danay. The cause hits close to home, as her father, Alfredo Rojas, is battling leukemia and lymphoma and her younger sister Karina Rojas is battling metastatic thyroid cancer. Music has always been a special bond between Danay and her father, making this event even more meaningful for her.

Danay Gonzalez Uses Her Voice to Help Fight Cancer Quote

“Cancer is such a mix of fear, hope and emotional upheaval. While it is very painful to watch my loved ones go through this, it’s also something that has deepened my appreciation for the moments of joy and connection in life, especially with my family. It’s the support of family and friends who really help give my family and I strength.”
-Danay Gonzalez, Partner, Rodriguez & Associates

Danay’s multifaceted talents as both a personal injury lawyer and a singer allow her to use her voice to advocate and empower in unique ways. Inspired by her family’s experiences, she is committed to supporting the Kern County Cancer Foundation through her performance. The funds raised by the Media Music Jam are crucial, as Kern County lacks a dedicated children’s cancer unit, relying instead on a mobile unit funded by these events that provides vital resources and care.

Tickets for the Media Music Jam are on sale now. For more information on the event, sponsorship opportunities, or to purchase tickets, please click here.

To read more about Danay Gonzalez and her inspiring journey, check out the full article in The Bakersfield Californian here.