California Oilfield Accident Lawyers

california oilfield accident lawyers

The oil production industry brings in a substantial number of jobs and millions in revenue to California’s local and state economies every year.

Bakersfield has become known as the oilfield capital of California with the surrounding area of Kern County accounting for nearly 70% of the state’s oil and about 1% of global oil production. While other regions of California are phasing out oilfield production, Kern County is only growing with the recent approval of thousands of new rigs being placed in the upcoming years.

In an industry that is already considered hazardous, the rapid growth of oil rigs in this area is expected to also increase the number of on-the-job injuries. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries reported oilfield jobs in the top three most dangerous occupations.

It is possible to prevent oilfield accidents, yet traumatic and fatal accidents caused by explosions, faulty machinery, or environmental factors, among other variables, continue to threaten the safety of oilfield workers unnecessarily.

If you or a loved one have been involved in an oilfield accident, consider seeking professional help from our team of experienced oilfield accident lawyers who can help you navigate the many nuances of large corporation legal tactics and the layers of worker’s rights law. We understand the concerns and frustrations that working families face when an earner is no longer able to work due to injury.

Rodriguez & Associates has decades of experience representing those injured in the oilfield because of someone else’s negligence, including obtaining $4.5 million for a defective oil field derrick and $3.5 million for a worker who sustained injuries after an oilfield crane dropped on him.

Daniel Rodriguez himself worked in the oilfields for years as a roustabout and mechanic. With his first-hand knowledge of how difficult and dangerous the work can be, he and his firm are especially versed in the rights workers have in the oilfield industry when accidents and injuries do occur.

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