Bakersfield Gas Explosion Case Is Back On Track

Bakersfield Gas Explosion Case Back On Track

Daniel Rodriguez and Chantal A. Trujillo of Rodriguez & Associates are co-representing Bakersfield, California neighbors injured by the Wildwood gas explosion.

In November 2015 the California almond farm, Wildwood, triggered a fire and explosion after rupturing an underground gas line while the farm was being excavated in preparation for planting almond trees, causing personal injury and property damages to nearby neighbors.

The injured neighbors sued Wildwood, along with the contractors, and in October 2018, the trial court initially granted summary judgment in Wildwood’s favor.

A 2021 appeals court reversed the original summary judgment in Wildwood’s favor and instructed the trial court to grant summary adjudication in the farm’s favor on every claim except peculiar risk. The state appeals court ruled that the farm can, in fact, be held vicariously liable for the contracted excavator that caused the explosion.

Chantal Trujillo, partner at Rodriguez & Associates, told Law360 that she and her clients are happy the “case is back on track” and can be put in front of a jury.

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