Attorney Lena Sajadpour Joins Rodriguez & Associates in Bakersfield

attorney lena sajadpour joins rodriguez and associates

Rodriguez & Associates welcomes Lena Sajadpour as the firm’s newest personal injury attorney. A Bakersfield native, Lena is passionate about helping others and giving back to the same community that granted her so much. She attributes much of her success in her career to the skills and confidence she acquired through mock trial, debate, and We the People as a student at Liberty High School in Bakersfield.

“Bakersfield has given me so much. The skills I learned and the confidence I developed as a young person helped me get to where I am today. I have so much to give back and I can do that through my work within the community.”
-Lena Sajadpour, Rodriguez & Associates, Attorney

Ambitious from a young age, Lena was interested in pursuing a career in law from childhood. At seven, she remembers her mom’s friend turning to her in the midst of a conversation and saying, “You’re going to make a great lawyer someday.” Lena went on to earn her bachelor’s degree in political science and history from the University of California, Berkeley in 2018 and graduated in 2023 from the University of California Irvine School of Law.

During her education at Irvine, Lena applied her legal skills in the school’s Domestic Violence Clinic which provides specialized legal representation to domestic violence survivors and their children. Fighting for justice on behalf of those who needed the most care and assistance opened Lena’s eyes to the potential influence she could have in a career as a plaintiffs’ attorney. She thrived in an environment of rewarding work knowing that she was helping individuals and families rebuild their lives.

“Clients come to the firm feeling nervous, upset, and scared. They have a million questions and concerns. Throughout our meetings with them, there is a visible shift in their appearance – you can see the relief as the weight of their trauma is lifted just knowing that someone can help them, even if only a little.”
-Lena Sajadpour

Lena’s hard work and dedication to her craft helped her achieve the 1L Diversity Scholarship which granted her an opportunity to work as a summer associate at a large Los Angeles firm and receive extensive experience in the field. When she graduated in 2023, Lena was more than prepared to embark on her law career.

While her position handling employment, corporate, and entertainment law matters was fulfilling in many ways, Lena felt that she wasn’t making the impact she experienced while working in the Domestic Violence Clinic. She sought an opportunity to work more closely with individuals and find ways to create opportunities for change and good in the world.

“I knew I wanted to help people – teachers, truck drivers, everyday people just getting through some of the worst moments in their lives. Rodriguez & Associates is well known for having that impact.”
-Lena Sajadpour

Having grown up in Bakersfield, Lena was familiar with the firm and the important support and voice Daniel Rodriguez has brought to the community. She connected with Joel through her involvement in the community and secured an opportunity to speak with Daniel who immediately recognized her spirit, passion, and skills as a young plaintiffs’ attorney.

Ecstatic about what this opportunity holds for her, Lena is excited to learn from some of the most experienced trial attorneys in California.

“Rodriguez & Associates is proud to welcome Lena to the firm,” Daniel Rodriguez, founding partner of the firm, said. “Her work ethic and dedication to the law are evident in her determination to improve the lives of others. We look forward to her addition to the team.”