What Are the Most Dangerous Roads in California?

Navigating California’s highways can be treacherous, with countless drivers sharing the road and unforeseen hazards lurking around every bend. However, some areas may pose more risks than others.

A study that examined 10,370 fatal car accidents from 2017 to 2019 has pinpointed some of the most dangerous roads in the state. If you find yourself traveling on these highways, it is important to exercise caution and anticipate the actions of the drivers around you.

I-15 Between Exit 138 and Exit 129

Interstate 15 (I-15) is a major north-south highway that connects Southern California to Las Vegas, making it one of the busiest and most traveled routes in the region. The stretch of the I-15 between Exit 138 and Exit 129 in Hesperia has seen 19 fatal accidents over the three-year period, which resulted in 19 fatalities. This amounts to 4.2 fatal accidents per mile along the 4.5-mile section.

I-80 Between Exit 14a and Exit 8a

Interstate 80 (I-80) is a major transcontinental freeway that stretches from San Francisco, California, to Teaneck, New Jersey. The 5-mile portion of Interstate 80 between Exit 14a and Exit 8a has witnessed 15 fatal accidents, claiming 17 lives. This amounts to 3 fatal accidents per mile, traversing the cities of Berkeley, Oakland, Emeryville, and Albany,

I-80 from Exit 15 to Exit 21

Another treacherous 5-mile segment of the I-80 is the area between Exit 15 and Exit 21, spanning Richmond, El Cerrito, Pinole, and San Pablo. This road has experienced 13 fatal accidents and 18 total fatalities between 2017 and 2019.

I-5 from Del Paso Road to Railyards Boulevard

The Interstate 5 (I-5) is a nearly 800-mile-long highway that a massive number of daily users in California. The 4.9-mile section from Del Paso Road to Railyards Boulevard in Sacramento has seen 13 fatal accidents and 16 fatalities. The monotony of the route, coupled with the high volume of commercial trucks, likely contributes to the danger.

I-215 from Exit 44B to Exit 39

Interstate 215 (I-215) is an essential freeway that splits from the I-15, serving as a major urban thoroughfare through the cities of San Bernardino and Riverside. The 4.7-mile stretch of I-215 between Exit 44B and Exit 39 in Colton and San Bernardino has been the site of 13 fatal accidents, resulting in 13 deaths.

SR-74 Between Melba Avenue and 3rd Street

State Route 74 (SR-74), also known as the Palms to Pines Scenic Byway or Ortega Highway, spans 111 miles from Orange County to Riverside County. The 4.1-mile section between Melba Avenue and 3rd Street in Menifee has seen 11 fatal accidents and 12 fatalities.

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