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When a new trend in the automobile market arises, auto manufacturers often seek to capitalize on it by rushing a new product into the market. When SUVs became popular a decade or so ago, several manufacturers that had no SUVs in their current line ups had a choice. They could either carefully develop and test a new SUV product, or quickly design a new SUV and release it into the market with minimal testing.

Unfortunately, some carmakers chose to release SUVs that were too tall or too narrow. With a center of gravity that was too high, these SUVs rolled over/tipped over much more readily than other cars and more safely designed SUVs. To make matters worse, some SUV manufacturers also chose to cut corners by making the roof too weak which meant that it would collapse in a rollover resulting in broken spines and even deaths. Our Bakersfield SUV rollover lawyers can help you get the compensation you need.

In 1995, Daniel Rodriguez of Rodriguez & Associates was one of the first lawyers in the U.S. to take a case to trial involving a particular SUV model. Since then, we have successfully handled numerous cases involving unsafe SUVs and other unsafe products. If you or a loved one was injured in an SUV rollover, contact us for caring and experienced legal assistance.

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Following frequent SUV crashes, car manufacturers took action by:

  • Designing more stable vehicles
  • Installing electronic stabilizers
  • Improving brake systems
  • Fully testing new and current models, and analyzing safety levels

We can investigate your SUV rollover accident and determine what the auto manufacturer did or did not do to protect the safety of the driver and passengers. Our experience in handling SUV rollover cases ensures a diligent and knowledgeable handling of your case. For more information, please contact our firm.

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