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When two or more vehicles collide, a frequent question is “which driver caused the accident?” Surprisingly, there is sometimes a third “suspect” in Bakersfield vehicle accidents – the government agency responsible for building, designing, and maintaining the road that the accident occurred.

County, state, municipal and other agencies that build and maintain roads have a legal responsibility to make sure that our roads are safe. When they choose to do otherwise, the Bakersfield dangerous road lawyers of Rodriguez & Associates can hold them accountable and can advocate for your rights to compensation. If you’ve been injured on a dangerous road, contact a Bakersfield dangerous road lawyer at Rodriguez & Associates.

Why Experience Matters in Accidents Involving Dangerous Intersections and Roads

Dangerous roads look like any other road at first glance. In order to succeed in a dangerous roadway case, you need to know what to look for. An unmaintained or unsafe road can be a threat to more than just motorists, as our Bakersfield bike accident attorneys have discovered.

We begin by getting the history of accidents on the stretch of road in question. The state of California keeps very detailed records on every roadway in the state. We can obtain these records, sift through the information and determine whether the accident rate at the accident site is higher than it should be.

Our dangerous road attorneys can then address other key questions. Was the city or other government agency aware of the high rate of accidents on its road? Did it drop the ball by choosing not to install or upgrade a traffic control device or other safety feature that was called for? Was the blind intersection, too-sharp curve, high posted speed limit, or other driving issues ignored by officials?

As a taxpayer, you have a right to safe roads in California. If you have questions regarding a dangerous road and a serious accident in the Central Valley, contact us for more information.

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