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Burn injuries are unlike any others. The pain, scarring, and other debilitating effects of burns can be extreme. Yet insurers routinely downplay the effects of burn injuries in an attempt to lessen the value of legal claims. If you have suffered a burn injury in California, contact the Bakersfield burn injury lawyers of Rodriguez & Associates.

At Rodriguez & Associates, we have a long, winning record of handling serious injury cases throughout the state and throughout the country, including burn injury cases. A mild burn from a curling iron or a hot cup of coffee may cause discomfort for a few days or create minor scarring. More serious burns, however, are some of the most painful injuries an individual can endure. Unless they reach and destroy nerves, burn injuries expose underlying layers of tissue and can take months or years to heal. After a severe burn injury, some individuals will experience the prolonged effects of emotional trauma and permanent disfigurement.

At Rodriguez & Associates, we hope we never receive a call from you about a preventable burn injury, because we know what that means and the effect it can have on your life. If you or a loved one does suffer from a severe burn injury at home, at work, or in someone else’s care, you deserve the best legal representation available. Our Bakersfield personal injury attorneys will help you find qualified medical support, offer compassionate support and understanding, and fight relentlessly for your right to justice and fair compensation.

Causes of Burn Injuries

Many people associate burn injuries with heat sources such as boiling water, boiling oil, or a hot stovetop. However, thermal burns only account for some burn injuries. Burns may include:

  • Thermal burns. Thermal burns are heat-related burns that include scalding injuries and contact with heat sources, such as fire or a hot surface.
  • Chemical burns. Chemical burns arise from hazardous substances. Sulfuric acid, lime, and some essential oils can cause mild to severe chemical burns.
  • Electrical burns. Contact with lightning or an electrical source will create electrical burns. Unlike other burns, electrical burns often affect individuals from the inside out. These burn injuries may not manifest in the same ways as other burns.
  • Friction burns. Commonly associated with road rash, friction burns happen when an individual’s skin rubs against an unsmooth surface. A severe friction burn may peel away several layers of skin.
  • Cold burns. Extremely cold substances and prolonged exposure to cold substances can cause cold-temperature burns that lead to frostbite and may ultimately require amputation.
  • Radiation burns. Severe sunburns fall under the category of radiation burns, as do some cancer treatments, X-ray malfunctioning accidents, and tanning beds.

Degrees of Burn injury

Medical professionals categorize the seriousness of burns based on the amount of tissue damage sustained. Here are the degrees of burns injured individuals sustain and the symptoms of each stage:

  • First-degree burns. These are considered minor burns and only affect the most superficial layers of skin. You may notice minor pain, redness, swelling, and texture changes on the skin as it starts to heal after this type of burn. Most individuals do not require treatment for first-degree burns unless the burn covers a significant portion of the body.
  • Second-degree burns. Affecting the first several layers of skin, second-degree burns create blisters and may cause a higher degree of pain. After blisters pop, individuals with these types of burns must keep the area clean and treated. Small second-degree burns may heal on their own over time. Others may require skin grafting and medical support.
  • Third-degree burns. Damaging every layer of skin, third-degree burn symptoms include charring, dark brown discoloration, waxy and white discoloration, leathery textured areas, and undeveloped blistering areas. These extend into the skin, creating pockets.

Depending on the degree of nerve damage, this type of burn may not cause as much pain as a first- or second-degree burn. Anyone with a small or large area of third-degree burns should seek emergency services. For the worst third-degree burns that eat into ligaments, tendons, and bones, physicians may classify the injury as a fourth-degree burn. It’s important to seek medical attention for a burn as quickly as possible. If you feel that the treatment you received was insufficient, contact our personal injury attorneys in Bakersfield to discuss your case.

Preventable burn injuries can affect someone’s physical and emotional health for years after the accident takes place. If you or someone you love experiences a serious burn injury, contact the burn injury attorneys at Rodriguez & Associates in California for a free consultation. We’re ready to help you find closure, justice, and the financial support you need to start healing.

How We Are Different

As a lawsuit unfolds, injured plaintiffs rightly need and expect caring, attentive, and empathetic assistance from central valley injury attorneys and firm staff. As resolution approaches, plaintiffs deserve diligent and competent advocacy aimed at their best, highest-value award.

Since 1980 we have focused on meeting the full needs of our injured clients, including clients who suffered burn injuries from car accidents, workplace accidents, and other types of accidents. We can assist you in obtaining medical care and can provide the day-to-day support needed following serious injuries.

We combine supportive service with a strong trial background. We have handled hundreds of personal injury cases and have a strong track record of success both in negotiating with insurers and in trials. We have litigated against dozens of national corporations and insurers, including Fortune 500 firms.

Firm founder Daniel Rodriguez has practiced personal injury law for his entire 30-plus years as an attorney. If you or a loved one experienced burn or electrical injuries, contact our Bakersfield burn injury lawyers for experienced legal assistance in Central California.

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