San Luis Brain Injury Lawyer

Brain injuries can be devastating and life-changing events. The effects can include short-term confusion, dizziness, and headaches, or more serious long-term issues such as seizures, personality changes, loss of sensation or speech, and even death. A basic understanding of brain injuries and the surrounding law is essential for those who have experienced these injuries and need help. Contact a San Luis brain injury lawyer at Rodriguez & Associates today if you’ve been injured.

Additionally, a knowledgeable lawyer will help you protect your rights and will provide that you have an advocate who understands what to do to get you the justice you deserve. For help after a brain injury caused by someone else’s negligence, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Compensation You Can Recover in a California Brain Injury Claim

Brain injury cases in California can allow victims to recover compensation for their losses through economic, non-economic, and punitive damages.

  • Economic damages are intended to compensate the injured person financially for tangible losses, such as the cost of medical treatment and lost wages due to an inability to work. These are relatively straightforward to calculate since they involve direct costs associated with the injury.However, there may be additional economic losses that need to be taken into account when filing a claim, such as lost earning potential.
  • Non-economic damages refer to losses that cannot be easily quantified in terms of money but still have an impact on an individual’s quality of life. This includes physical pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life activities, loss of consortium (the ability to enjoy a relationship with a spouse), and other intangible losses.
  • Punitive damages exist as a way of punishing wrongdoers who were particularly negligent in causing an injury and to serve as a deterrent to similar conduct in the future.

Although these forms of compensation will not erase the harm that has been done, they can provide victims with financial assistance and help them move forward with their lives.

How to Prepare a Personal Injury Claim for a Brain Injury

When dealing with a brain injury, it is important to understand what steps you should take afterward and what kind of evidence is needed. If you are considering such an action, here are some of the most crucial steps you and your lawyer should take:

  1. Gather Medical Records: Medical records are a critical component in any personal injury case involving brain injuries. This includes not just medical reports from doctors, but also records of physical therapy or rehabilitation you participated in as a result of the injury. These records will help establish the extent of the damage and the effect the injury has had on your life.
  2. Collect Witnesses Statements: It is essential to gather witness statements if there were any eyewitnesses present at the time of the accident that led to the brain injury. These statements should include details such as what they saw and heard before, during, and after the incident.
  3. Take Photos or Videos: Taking photos or videos of the scene of the accident can be helpful in determining who was at fault for causing the accident that led to your brain injury and therefore who can be held liable for damages. You should take pictures of your injuries, any damage done to vehicles involved in the crash (if applicable), pictures of the accident scene, or anything else that is relevant to proving negligence.

Rodriguez & Associates Is Here To Help With Your Brain Injury Claim

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If you need help with a brain injury claim, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.